Friday, May 18, 2012

3rd Teaser

Naje Haje continued:
Alter being upside down for an unknown amount of time, clinging to the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, I suddenly realize I’m on the ground with my head in her lap. In a daze, I look up at  stunning, crystal blue eyes.

“Where are we?” I said, feeling perfect peace.

I should have been unnerved by this strange experience, but I wasn’t. Perhaps it was her touch that calmed me, as she moved my hair off my brow with her soft delicate fingers.

“You’re in the Land of Justice,” she replied, while smiling down at me. “It is one of many holding arenas for the Lake of fire.”

When I sat up, I saw that we were surrounded by mounds of bluebells, daffodils, purple iris and lush green grass that smelled freshly cut. A running brook lowed softly alongside us.

“Where does the stream lead,” I asked, as her radiant blue eyes bore deep into my soul. Waiting for her reply, I walked over to the water, where I bent down, cupped the refreshing liquid in my hands and drank deeply.

“It goes two ways. One direction leads to the River of Life the other to the Lake of fire,” she answered, and then she questioned me. “Why have you never married, Mr. Barlett, you are almost twenty nine years old?”

“I just never met the right girl. Why do you ask?”

“I think most women would find you very attractive,” she said. “Nonetheless, blond hair and blue eyes aren’t always enough to capture a wise woman’s heart.”

“Truly,” I answered, feeling strange effects from the water.

“Your eyes are sparkling, “Windoline said. “I can see my image in them. The water is beginning to churn inside you.”

Amazed, I replied, “I can see me in your eyes.”

I had many more questions, but before I could ask, the most awesome thing came into view—to the left of her stood a huge weeping willow tree. “Why is that tree dripping water from its leaves? It’s not raining.”

          “The tree weeps for mankind.” She smiled sadly, and sighed as her eyes bore deep into mine. “Humans do what is right in their own eyes using themselves as the standard. They create their own rules, all the while ignoring the whispers of their soul. God weeps for us, because he knows that the consequence of poor choices will destroy our body—and if we don’t repent then our soul is lost as well—those consequences we blame on Him rather than loving Him freely and choosing to do what is right.”

I listened intently as I watched her come to her feet with grace and an enchanting demeanor. I wanted to enfold her in my arms and kiss her lovely mouth, but instead I asked, “Why have you brought me here and who are you, really?”

“I am the angel of Good and Evil──the same as white and black.”

“What does that mean?” I said, wondering if I was dead.

“No, you’re not dead.” She smiled the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. “I’m not at liberty to say just now why you are here, only that the Wind has chosen you.”

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