Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Knowing God

As we who do not belong to this world, our perception of God differs from those who do. Many opinions are figments of an imagination, and no figment or fancy ever saved one’s soul. So how do you measure your beliefs about the Lord? Hold them up to the revelations in His Word – the Bible. Isaiah 5:8 – and learn His ways.

It is impossible to have a personal relationship with Him based on reason or ideas, or rational thoughts. It simply doesn’t work that way – the answer is Faith, You can learn to live by faith by getting close to Him through his Word. However, God never imposes on us. He must be discovered and joyfully received for He is a loving and just God – loving all of humanity, even those who reject Him. Those who come to Him in repentance – turning their back on sin – will have life everlasting in His kingdom, because God is love.

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