Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gifts for the Road will be published soon.

Gifts for the Road has been accepted by PublishAmerica – and this is not self published. They do not charge anything. However I will need to do some marketing, so you may hear from me more often than usual.   Here is a brief description of what the story is about, which I hope many will be edified by if not curious.
It is a story based on the journey taken by the Holy Family fleeing Bethlehem to Egypt under the threat of Herod’s soldiers looking to kill Jesus. The family is also pursued by two thieves seeking to steal the Magi gifts. Joseph, Mary, and Jesus travel with Mary’s maidservant, Joseph’s friend and borrowed servants. The wayfarers visit family, sleep in caves and are hosted by Jewish families living in Egypt. They face wild animals, ride camels and sail the Mediterranean. Answering questions along the way of why they are so far from home, Mary and Joseph share prophecy and the birth of Jesus. Some believe them, some do not. Joseph takes his family one hundred and fifty miles south along the Nile, where they spend six months in a cave and one thief comes to them asking forgiveness. Before heading home on a Roman vessel, Joseph and those with him help a destitute family in Alexandria get back on their feet.
Gifts for the Road incorporates prophecy and truth, as well as traditions and myths established by the Coptic Orthodox Church and folklore recorded in Eastern and Western apocryphal literature.

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  1. Congratulations Priscilla! I hope it will get off the ground and published by publisher that pays you. Blessings!