Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Part 12 Naja Haje Abyss

         “You would have been sent back to earth,” she replied sadly. “For a time you would have continued with success in your business. But as it is with humans who deny The Son of Man, things change as God makes every attempt to get their attention. In the end though, it is a human’s choice to truly Love God or not.”
“How do I get to the abyss?” I asked feeling anxious, but as I looked into her heavenly blue eyes, I saw myself kneeling in prayer and peace again flooded my soul.
“It will be a difficult passage, but once you have conquered the trial, the journey home will be effortless.” She pointed towards the water. “You cross the brook there and go east. Follow it to the end where you will see a waterfall. Walk into the waterfall and you’ll find an opening that leads to a very long, narrow stairway. There are six hundred and sixty-six steps. That is all I can tell you, except that you will recognize what you are looking for once you get there.” She smiled and put her hand on my cheek, “I’m sorry; I can say no more about the way.”
“Will I see you again Windoline?” 
“Possibly in your dreams, but for now I can only assure you that you will be fine. Remember to call on the Son of Man by the name of Jesus if you have more difficulty than you think you can bear. I will give what direction I am allowed from here.”
I waved goodbye and splashed through the brook feeling its refreshing spray upon my hands. I was very sorry to know that I would never see Windoline again. Soon however, thoughts of the Son of Man, my Lord Jesus Christ, came to mind and I was comforted. 
I could see the beautiful waterfall up ahead. Yet, what should have been the harmonious sound of water crashing into the rocks was instead a disquieting drone. Apprehension and menacing feelings began to surround me as I approached, and I heard voices telling me not to come closer. I forced myself to think of The Son of Man and Windoline. The moment I took my thoughts off of them, the voices became louder.
“Don’t come closer, don’t come any closer, you will regret it.” Chilling whispers raised the hair on the back of my neck.


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  2. I love this story, Priscilla, and look forward to reading what happens at the waterfall.