Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Using what you have, Part 2

The first thing I did at the house with the blue carpeting was to rearrange the rattan sofa and love seat with the palm leaf pattern fabric on it. The short sofa should always go on the shortest wall; I put the longer sofa under the living room window, which was also the longest wall. I moved the largest end table in the corner between the sofa and love seat. The smaller one went on the other side of the love seat.
An interesting exercise that is good to take when consulting about what to put where, is to do a walk through. The lady of the house and I went into every room, especially the 4 bedrooms and their closets upstairs. I found at least a dozen accessories, including a couple of lamps and pictures that would enhance the living/dining area. Some things came out of the closets and random pictures, hung without thought, came off the walls. Everything I wanted was carted downstairs to show off properly.
The family had a very nice piano, again on the wrong wall, so we moved it to the inside wall next to the entry and put a wonderful lamp on it that I found in one of the closets upstairs. An extra chair that did not match the rattan furniture went near the piano and we made a small sitting area next to a small table.
Next to the end table by the love seat before entering the dining room, we purchased a tall plant that gave the room a focal point rather than focusing on the junked up china cabinet.
Because there were curtains behind the long sofa, we used the wall over the love seat and hung a large picture of a water lily, framed nicely in wood that looked like rattan.
On the coffee table in front of the sofa, we placed a low, round, white bowl filled with blue and green glass balls.
As for the china cabinet, I helped the lady of the house go through her 'treasures' and convinced her to store in the attic those things she couldn't bear to part with. Then we arranged the inside of the cabinet so that the best of her mother's collections showed off to their advantage, and voila, the clutter disappeared. Her husband was thrilled.
When the family first walked into their beautiful re-decorated living area, they could not believe how great it looked and marveled at how the blue carpeting seemed to disappear. Thank you Flair and Dare they said.

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  1. Wow another transformation!! tHANKS TO FLAIR & DARE, glad you are back in the saddle again Pris.