Saturday, April 9, 2011

Faith Salon

Beauty Shop remodel
A friend of mine who recommended me to her nail salon, which she has been going to for many years, paid me a worthy compliment. She suggested to the owner of the salon that she ask me to help her decorate her new location, because I had a beautiful home and would be good with helping her pick out colors, etc.

I was happy to do it, and as payment, I get my acrylic nails done free. For the salon I picked out large tiles for the floor in colors of earthy greens and we painted the walls in a medium, soft green that picked up one of the colors in the tile. The new shop is very long and narrow and upon entering the first thing your eye catches is the floor. The comments are rife with oohs and ahas by the customers indicating admiration for the new color scheme; many have indicated that they were happy not to see clinical white walls.

We hung a large, scroll framed white clock on the wall for all to see when they walk in. I have to admit that the owner did a beautiful job of picking out the new salon chairs and nail tables. I found great wall hangings from Target and when all the accoutrements were purchased from there and Ross’s (right next door with Target) the owner had spent a total of $400—the salon looks like perfect. I only show the finished pictures.

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  1. Looks like a lot more than $400. Your nail lady benefitted from your flair for color and design. WooHoo!