Saturday, June 23, 2012

Part 10, Naja Haje Abyss

When I opened my eyes I was standing next to Windoline in the Hall of Judgment. The hall was made of white marble and tall columns. In the middle of the room were four huge desks with judges sitting behind them.
“What happened, how did I get here?” I questioned Windoline, forgetting how beautiful she was when I had looked at her in times past. She was still very lovely, but not in a sensual way anymore. Peace flooded my soul, and I wanted to thank her, but she stopped me.
“You must not thank me. Thank The Son of Man.” She smiled and said, “You have found what those left behind in the Halls never will. Their hearts have been hardened beyond redemption, and they will spend eons in there until the Son of Man appears. When that time comes, Judgment will be passed for them to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire.”
We stood before Judge D. Ringtrue; he was one of the four judges. Windoline whispered to me that the D. stood or Discerning. The other three, Judge Always Rullbad, Judge Haveto Banishem and Judge Sorryforyou Goodfolk had books stacked high on their desks from which hung a four foot long metal gavel. All but Judge D. Ringtrue had their head down, muttering to themselves as they perused their books.
“What are those three judges doing?” I asked.
          “They are studying for Judgment Day, the day when people, dead or alive who reject The Son of Man will stand before God. Their souls will be sent to the Lake of Fire to burn forever.”
“When will that be?” I asked.
“Only God knows. Not even his Son or his angels know.”
Then I heard Judge D. Ringtrue call my name, “Trevor Bartlett, step to the bench please.”
I trembled and lowered my head, waiting for whatever curse I deserved. “You have found and embraced The Son of Man, therefore your sins are forgiven. Now we are sending you to the Naja Haje Abyss. We will watch over you from above and remember, do not call upon your angel for help. Angels only do the bidding of God; call upon The Son of Man. He will protect you with his angels, who will guard you as He asks. Do you have any questions?”
“Yes, your honor. Am I dead?”
“No, Mr. Bartlett.”
“Why did Windoline choose me, and will she go with me to the abyss?”
“Good Angels cannot go below,” Judge D. Ringtrue declared. “Only humans may dare it and return. You have The Son of Man with you now. He is all you need. Windoline will tell you why you are going and about being chosen.” 
He looked at me kindly, nodded his head and waved me on with, “God bless you.”

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