Monday, June 4, 2012

7th Teaser The Naja Haje Abyss©

“Berthabode and Meanrake cheat and steal from all who come near them. In addition their sexual promiscuity outside of their relationship knows no bounds, despite that they are common-law husband and wife. As for Dirty Bob, though I dislike expounding on his affairs, you need to know the particulars─he is just one example of many who live against the laws of God and what nature intends.”
(Caution x rated paragraph)Windoline frowned as she continued, “You see, Dirty Bob’s outward filth is representative of his inward thoughts, his secret actions and his lustful desires. He commits fornication with his brother’s wife, his mother’s sister, and his father’s nieces, and a particular nephew that he favors above all. In addition, he does unnatural things with the neighbor’s dog.” 
“I am astonished.”
       Windoline signed and wiped her brow. “As for Ms. Fibbergiver and Ms. Whitelies, their practice of lying developed over the years. At first it was by thinking to save themselves from many inconvenient situations, but then telling a lie became second nature to them.”
I was grateful for Windoline’s explanation, and had only to reflect on the way everyone I knew, including me, often accepts right or wrong as suitable behavior depending on what the situation calls for. I had no more questions, except to ask myself where I fit into this picture. I did not like what I saw.
“Remember,” she said, leaning towards me, “When we enter this next place, you are still not to speak or answer questions from anyone. Do you understand?”
I nodded my head and once again, two foreboding angels waved us in at the Hall of Revenge and Rebellion. This arena was completely landscaped with brown trees, hills, rocks and boulders, trenches and dusty open space. When I turned to be reassured of Windoline’s presence, she disappeared before my eyes. In utter dismay I tried to call out to her but could not make a sound. As I looked around searching for her, I heard a gunshot and a bullet whipped past my ear. This was followed by a loud, angry voice.
“I’ll kill you if it’s the last thing I do, or my name isn’t Buckgeteven.”  
A beast like man came running towards me brandishing an oversized pistol. Again, I couldn’t speak to defend myself; hence, I saw a bunker up ahead and dove into it. There I found a strange dirty old woman who had burrowed under a rocky overhang. She puffed away on a huge cigar as she cursed and uttered ugly grunting and groaning sounds.
“What are you staring at? Don’t you know me? My name is Ida B. Belligerent,” she snorted loudly.

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