Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Part 11, Naja Haje Abyss

“We will spend the night here in the meadow by the brook, Trevor?” Windoline said.
“I would like very much to rest. I suddenly feel quite weary.”
           Alter I bathed in the brook and drank of its waters, Windoline and I spent a glorious night under the stars. For the first time in my life I was truly at peace with myself. Together we enjoyed an evening being waited upon by other angels. They brought us bread, wine and fruit, and we dined stretched out on the fragrant grass until we were satisfied. Then the angels played their harps and flutes for us, and exuded beautiful music, which was exquisite to my soul─I did not want the day to end.
“Why did you choose me Windoline?” I asked as we sipped our wine.
“I did not choose you, The Wind did. The Wind blows where it will; the Angels of God only do His bidding.” 
Suddenly I could not keep my eyes open, as the music seemed to say, “Rest, my beloved, rest.” 
The next morning came, and I knew it was time to leave for the abyss. First however, Windoline asked the other angels to serve us a hearty breakfast of bread, cheese and apples. Meanwhile she told me as much as she could about why I needed to go to the Naja Haje.
“You have lost something of prodigious value, but you will find it below. Angels of Darkness, or fallen Angels, do all within their power—the power of their father the Devil, to keep human’s from the Word of Truth.” Windoline looked very sad as she spoke. “They alter God’s word, deride it, add to it, and subtract from it; mostly they try and keep it from you. They will twist it and turn its meaning to suit their purposes for evil disguised as good.” 
“What is this Word?” I asked.
She smiled beautifully at me and answered, “It is the Word of Truth and it answers the mysteries of life and speaks to your soul. If you have faith it will bring you to the River o Life.”
I didn’t really want to know, but I asked anyway, “Where would I be if I had received a call from one of the other judges?”

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