Monday, June 18, 2012

Part 9 -Naja Haje Abyss

From here on, I will call these Parts rather than teasers

“I’m Miss Zzmani Vengeance, and you had better get out of my way before I slash you into little bite size pieces.”
The strange, tiny woman glared at me for a moment and then picked up a razor sharp axe with a three-foot head on it. As she heaved the weapon over her shoulder preparing to use it on me, I ran. Like a rocket engine was strapped to my back, I headed straight for a grove of trees and right into a family of nasty gorillas.
One of them dove at me, grabbed me by my ankles and twirled me overhead several times. I was about to throw up when, rather than put me down, the hairy ape tossed me like a basketball to one of his buddies. When the other gorilla caught me, it climbed a very tall tree and hung me by my heels from a branch. Terrified by the beasts as I dangled from the tree, I thought I would surely die and cried out to Windoline for help. There was no answer. Then I whispered a prayer, though I am not certain what made me think to do so.
“Please God; I’m sorry for all my wrong doings, for robbing my customers and purposely giving back the incorrect change, for lying to my friends when I don’t want to see them, and for cheating on my girlfriend, Sally. Please Lord, help me, before I die from all the blood running to my head, or before I am eaten alive by these brutes.”
Then I heard the leaves on the tree whispering to me. “The Son of Man is Jesus our Lord. The Son of Man is Jesus our Lord and Savior.”
It came to me ─“Jesus Loves Me, this I know.” It was the song we used to sing in Sunday school. I tried to sing it while hanging upside down, and I saw my tears, shaped like perfect miniature pears, falling to the ground. My tears reminded me of the weeping tree where Windoline and I first sat. Then I remembered the River of Life.
“That’s it, that’s my answer,” I said out loud, “salvation─eternal life.”
I prayed to God again and called out the name of Jesus as I wept, truly repentant. The beasts danced around me, pointing and laughing. All at once, I felt myself tumbling through the air to the ground. I landed on my knees and looked up to see that the gorillas had been transformed into angry men and women. They began shouting and waving weapons in the air with one hand and clenched fists in the other. As much as they reached out to me, they could not draw near, because a protective glass cylinder surrounded me. The mad crowd pressed their faces up to the glass and gnashed their teeth. I lifted my head and raised my hands in thanks to God for saving me from the maniacs. Then all became still, and I closed my eyes and bowed my head.

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