Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Published Fiction

MORNINGSIDE - Edward Hunter's family comes to life in the 1815 English Countryside novel. Morningside - a prequel - is about family - sisters, cousins, and other odious relatives who fall in love. The story is full of romance and adventure (1815 Style), laughter, tears and jealousy depicting how the families of the 4 cousins in Crystal Pines got started.

It is the first book of the Crystal Pines trilogy - I am still working on the middle one - inspired by the writing’s of Jane Austen. Her fans might find my books a good read, however, the stories are only inspired by Jane and are a bit more upbeat.

Read about Edward Hunter’s mother and her four sisters. See how romance blooms in this elaborate first novel in the trilogy. See how each sister, Edward's aunts, who though lack fortune and connections, beat Phoebe Vance, an odious sister-in-law, to the altar.
Morningside can be purchased from the publisher, PublishAmerica or Amazon or from a bookstore (Published in 2006 after Crystal Pines).

The middle book of the trilogy Winter's Inn is not completed but is about Edward Hunter’s sisters and brothers.

CRYSTAL PINES is about four English bachelor cousins who sail to New York City in 1839 to run the family business. Although their intention is to focus on their enterprise, they are soon distracted by certain young ladies in their midst.

While crossing the ocean on an American packet ship, two counsins become enchanted by a Southern belle and her governess returning from Europe. Edward Hunter, the leader of the delegation, spends his time with a nine-year-old stowaway he takes under his wing. Afer settling in the city, Edward comes to regard most of the females he encounters as audacious and tiresome - until he meets Olivia Worthmore.

Discover how each cousin settles his romantic escapades by fighting duels, withstanding blizzards and saving damsels in distress. Escape the rigors of the 21st century, wrap up in front of a good fire and enjoy this elaborate historical fable.

Crystal Pines (Published in 2005 before Morningside).  It can be purchased from Amazon or ordered from a bookstore.  It has been made into a screen play and is waiting for a producer to look at it for a movie.



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