Monday, August 23, 2010

Cleaning out clutter and unread papers

Are you a saver? Is your dining room table stacked with papers and books you want to be sure you can find, or read, in the next century? Are the corners of your rooms piled high with newspapers, boxes and miscellaneous stuff you swore in OTT ONE that you were going to give away, clean out, or burn. Heavens no – never burn, never toss, and always keep. If you ran out of corners, did you use your chairs, sofas and the bare floor on which to put things?
Are you so lost that you have no way to figure out how or where to start? Well the best place to start is 1 pile at a time. Set a goal and a time line. Here is a little story that might give you a picture of what I am talking about. Once, thinking I had enough decorating and retail experience, I accepted a job as a manager of a small home furnishings store. It was only one story and not really large at all, but it had isle after of isle of nick-knacks on shelves stacked close to the ceiling. The open floor space had furniture and other large accessories that would not fit on the shelves.
My second day on the job, we received a shipment of goods – 3 pallets of boxed goodies. I am talking small goodies; most of the boxes were packed with smaller boxes. I had never seen anything like it. And we had to put it all away before the weekend, the busy time when we had lots of customers and could not have them tripping over pallets. My big question to my assistant and other staff was, “How do we do this?” The answer, “ONE BOX AT A TIME.” It worked much to my surprise and after two days the boxes were empties and removed.
Are you overwhelmed? Are you having company? What will you do with all the STUFF? Or are you of the mind set that you just won’t have any company, and then you won’t have to think about getting rid of your “Corner-Treasures”, your “Cherished-Paper-Piles”, and we won’t even discuss yet your closets. NO, NO, don’t shove your STUFF into any closet.
The best way to start is to find or buy a year supply of size 33 or larger garbage bags with ties, but any bag will do. Call a friend with a big car, load it up and take loads to the Good Will, the dump, the trash, recycle. Find someone or some place – there are too many needy people in this world who would love some of your STUFF, but not your papers – toss them.
One important thing to remember, is that your things, especially papers, articles, books etc, can be replaced, and then if you haven’t read them, are you going too? Very doubtful. Start in the corner, and if you don’t get rid of something, sit in the corner and think about how to do it. Pray for help!! Ask yourself why you keep things – who made you do it?

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