Monday, July 30, 2012

Desert Spice - Part 1 or 17

 Desert Spice - Christian Fantasy:
Desert Spice By Priscilla McDaniel

  Alexi Vandermeer wanted it to be a dream, but she knew it was not, as she felt herself being hurled over the cliff and into the Pacific Ocean. The swirling waters flushed over her and her red Corvette!  Gurgling, choking, gasping, she tried to unfasten her seatbelt and set herself free.
      As she twisted and turned and wrestled with her safety strap, she noticed the man who had forced her off the road with his silver Ferrari dropping downward into the fathomless deep next to her. After what seemed an eternity of struggling to eject from her plummeting vessel, the raven darkness swept over her as she danced with death in her Corvette. But then suddenly she felt the rush of a petrifying force as she ascended out of her nightmare and into a dream of her family, her new car, and her birthday.
      Floating aimlessly, she felt frothy-white pillows of billowing clouds enfold her. Then as soon as she began to enjoy the soft cover of heavenly mist, she tumbled downward into a barren wilderness. She landed feet first onto a vast sea of sand, which nearly suffocated her with heat so intense that the sun’s rays, like obtrusive flames, danced off the rolling dunes.
    “I’m completely dry, and I should be soaking wet!” she screamed into the void.
     “Leave it to a woman to think about her clothes at a time like this.” The man from the silver Ferrari suddenly appeared next to her and spoke with disdain, though he could not help but admire Alexi’s shapely body in her short pink skirt and scanty halter top.
      Alexi glared at the tall, blond man. “You’re the one who ran me off the road! You’re entirely at fault,” she shouted angrily, her tongue sticking to the roof of her mouth. “You blockhead, I’m holding you responsible for getting me back home, but do you even know where we are?”
     “Looks to me like we’re in a desert; other than that I can’t say,” he replied calmly. “And if you’re going to call me names and order me around, you can help yourself. I’m leaving.” He flipped his hair from his forehead and walked away, thinking that this girl was entirely too beautiful for her own good.
       Alexi watched his lean body stroll off and panic swept over her. “No, don’t leave me!” she said, swallowing her pride. “Together we can survive.”
            “That’s more like it,” the stranger grinned as he turned back, staring into Alexi’s fiery brown eyes. “Now you’re thinking, Sis.”
            “Don’t call me Sis. My name’s Alexi, that’s Alexi Vandermeer.”

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