Friday, July 27, 2012

Final Part - Naja Haje Abyss

       With that the serpent let out a shrill scream, slithered off his step and into the pile of books. As soon as I put my foot onto the mound, the sharp sword began to roar hideously.
“Out! Out! I command you to leave.”
         I sprang back onto the step to miss its swing and said, “Jesus the Christ, The Son of Man has bid me come.”
With that the giant, all but his head, crumbled into the heap of books. Now that the beast couldn’t move the troll around, I had a chance to dive into the books without worrying about the sword touching me. I rummaged through the pile of discarded books, and except or the color they all looked alike. I opened one and it said, The Holy Bible.
“The Book of Truth,” I said. “This is what I’m looking for, but which one do I take?”
I pulled out a brown Bible and on the cover, stamped in gold was written ‘Trevor Bartlett’. I jumped up, thrilled to find what I believed to be my mission. I sat back down on the Bibles and remembered back twenty years before. I was nine years old when my mother and father gave me the Bible. I wasn’t much impressed by it—I never read it and it never left my room. I sat there and began to weep as I read the inscription inside.
To our only son, Trevor, may the Lord always be with you. Love Mom and Dad. I opened to John 14:6 where there was book mark. I read aloud, “Jesus said unto him, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life: No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”
At hearing this, the troll let out a bestial scream. He cursed and began to meld with the dissolving sword, and then there was silence. I remember nothing more except clutching my Bible in my hand for fear of losing it.
When I woke it was morning, I was still holding my Bible close to me, as a fresh breeze blew my bedroom curtains to the side. What a thrill it was to be home, where I knew, without a doubt, I had found eternal life. Whether or not it was only a dream or if it actually happened, it did not matter, for I felt unbelievable peace. I thought about my friends and my life in a completely different way and knew I had to share with them what I had found.
There was a knock at my bedroom door. “Are you awake?” 
It was Arny, my lead waiter. “Arny, come in, come in. Oh boy, do I have something to tell you!”
“What happened to you, you were gone for three days? Then last night you showed up at the Bistro as if you had been drugged, and you would not let go of your book. Cook and I thought that luscious young lady you were waiting on had kidnapped you.” He reached out his hand and grinned. “We brought you home and put you in bed. It’s good to have you back.”

The End

The Beginning

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