Friday, January 20, 2012

Mt Hermon, 2012

Getting ready for Mt. Hermon Writer’s Conference, 2012
I have been so busy preparing for the Mt. Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference that I have canceled many outings and opportunities to take the time needed to get my books complete.  Yes, I say books.  Flair with Words does not necessarily mean just that—I cannot take the credit, I give it to God.  I never thought about writing historical fiction until 13 years ago when I became enamored with Jane Austin’s work, Pride and Prejudice, produced by the A&E Channel. 
From then on, the Lord put in my heart to write.  I will step on my soap box just for a moment to say that I gave up television to write, because in my mind I could produce something that was better, cleaner, nicer and more rewarding to spend time watching or reading.  I do not approve of the garbage that is promoted on television—from risqué commercials to predictable movies, filthy sit-coms, and other conglomerations of ‘entertainment’, which, as monkeys without a brain, our society sits and laughs at, or cries through when they glue their eyes, and what is left of their morality, to the idiot tube.
As for writing, after the first 6 months of creating practically nonstop, I gave up my corporate marketing career so that I could write without hindrances from obligations at work.  When this happened, I began to write, two then three books at the same time (see, my book, Crystal Pines, has been made into a screen play with a producer looking at it).  I can’t say that the books are the greatest, but the ideas were (are) and they were given to me by the Lord as words poured from me. 
Now here is the writers’ conference and I have 3 historical novels to present.  One is Gifts for the Road, about Jesus, Joseph & Mary’s trip to Egypt—it is good and ready for an Editor’s review.  Another called, Raspberry Castle, 1931 California, is a romantic endeavor (not a romance novel) but a humorous account of two people who come from opposite ends of the economic scale.  I started this story 10 years ago and then re-wrote it.  I am sending it to the conference for critique, though I believe it is ready for an agent.  The 3rd book, which I started and thought was complete, Mingyu Tea, is my work in progress and is going with me to a Mentoring Track looking for feedback. 
I have spent the past year perfecting the novels that God has put on my heart.  I hope to get at least one of them picked up by an agent or publisher at the conference.  Please pray for me.  

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