Thursday, June 23, 2011

Writing and editing - . Anyone writing to be rich is in for a diaspopointment. Not that one cannot make a living at it, but how many of us are Mary Higgins Clark or John Gresham---yet that is? I do not read a lot of fiction, because I write fiction, but I did read a historical noval not long ago. It was the life of Nefertti as told in the first person by her sister. I am glad I decided to read it because I was able to get a fresh perspective on writing. As a rule, though, I believe it is too easy to subsconsciously use other peoples pharases in your own writing and think they are your own.
I have been reviewing my latest book, thinking it was ready to go to a publisher. As I began to read over it to make sure there were no errors, I realized it needed a great deal of tightening up. The book had been sitting for several months, and as I read it I remembered the rough spots that I might have left alone if I had not decided to look at it again. Though it is disapointing to realize that my book wasn't nearly as perfect as I thought, It is gratifying to see how much better I can make it before I send if off.
I will try to be more diligent in my blogging, as i am spending June and July in Minnesota with my daughter and should have ample time. I have only my new Acer Notebook with me and it is not really easy to type on the small key board, or on my Notepad, which has no red underlines for spelling errors . Nevertheless,between my spare time and the 600 actual pages of real paper I mailed ahead for editing, I am thrilled that I was able to bring the Notebook with me, which allows me to interact with the internet and my email while I am away from home. Until next tine, Priscilla

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