Thursday, July 8, 2010

This and That with Balance

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Someone asked me the other day about what height the pictures should be. This woman was short and she wondered if she should hang the pictures at her eye level. I suggested that she put them above her eye level, but in such a way that she could still see and enjoy them. Most people have a tendency to hang pictures too high.
If you put one behind a seating area you want to be sure that when an average height person sits down their head does not hit the bottom of the picture. In a formal room, pictures can be higher than say in a bathroom or bedroom, where depending on your personal height you can hang them high or low.
Hanging multiple pictures can be particularly difficult unless they can be staggered in a grouping. Someone suggested today to me that you can make a pattern on the floor arranging the pictures as you would like them. She read somewhere that you could trace the patterned onto a sheet or large piece of paper and hold it up to the wall.
For 'have hammer, will travel' that is far too much work. If it looks good on the floor it will most likely look good on the wall. Either way, you will probably have a few extra nail holes behind the pictures. Oh Well, at they will be hung.
I wanted to mention a few words about balancing a room.
Don't put all the heavy pieces of furniture, i.e. the sofa, buffet, china cabinet, dining table or credenza, to the same side of the room. Pieces should be staggered, meaning across from the sofa (on the longest wall, remember) should be a large piece like an entry hall or table. Balance is very important, your eye will tell you if something isn't right, and that you need to move furniture around until it feels right.
Balance out your room with pictures, end tables, plants, lighting, pictures and accessories. Don't be afraid to mix and match and join colors. In most things, rather than the object itself, the key to balance and harmony is color and size. When you put things together such as flowers, or accessories on table tops, never use an even number. The numbers should be 3, 5, 7 etc. You can see the balance in these numbers and the room should be the same.

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