Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Writing and other sports

Today, rather than decorating, I am going to touch on a couple of books I have written. First, I mentioned it in another post, I wanted to update to anyone who cares the progress on the screen play for my novel, Crystal Pines. The good news is that the producer liked the dialogue and said it was appropriate for the era, 1839New York City.
The sad news is that the play needs to be reformatted, all 120 pages of it (that is equal to a two hour movie). He gave me a copy of his CASABLANCE screen play from 1942 - how exciting to look at that, for the proper formatting style. I took it to Kinks and made a copy. My screen play writer, Victoria and I will reformat together and also make clearer some of the scenes.
The other news I wanted to share, though I don't mean for this to be thought of as a serious decorating session; I am about to wallpaper my office with my rejection slips for my completed novel. It is Christian fiction about the trip that Jesus, Joseph, and Mary took to Egypt, according to the book of Matthew, Chapter 2. There is nothing said about the trip except that The Holy Family went and came back. I have created a fictional account of what their journey might have been like. I loved making up the story and feel that eventually someone will appreciate it, love it, publish it - God Willing.
I had a literary agency, Writers Literary Agency; they seemed only to want to get money from me for things. In the end, after 6 months, I let them go. I felt that they would never get the job done of submitting my work to a publisher, though it was critiqued and deemed commercially viable. I am not sorry that Writers Literary no longer represents me.
Nevertheless, I will continue to search for the right agent. For those of you who believe in prayer please pray for success. It is a great story; others who helped me edit and proof it have told me so.

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