Friday, July 30, 2010

Been on a little mini trip

We had a really nice time in Ashland, Oregon for 3 days for the Shakespeare Festival. It was 100 degrees every day, so quite hot. We brought warm clothes to wear to the outdoor evening performances, but never even needed a sweater. The plays were great, though King Henry IV was a bit bawdy. That and Merchant of Venice were both almost 3 hours long and did not start until 8:30. It was hard to keep awake on Friday, since we drove that day, and especially since I am used to getting into bed by 9 or 10. Found a really neat store called Paddington's and frittered away a $100. I love to fritter, i can do it with $10 or a $100,but don't usually do more than that. I did buy a couple of gifts with that money.

On Monday we left for Redding CA about 2 1/2 hours south, heading home. We stayed at a really cute B&B across from the Sacramento River, and then went to a Japanese restaurant where they cook in front of you. It was fun and actually the best dinner we had the whole trip.

Tuesday we went to the car to drive home and it wouldn't start. Fortunately we have USAA Road Assist, and within 15 minutes we got a jump start. With all the electronics we did not know what the problem was. We drove for about a 100 miles to get the battery warmed up and then stopped at a service station to fill up and the HHR wouldn't start again. Got another jump start within 15 minutes of calling and drove home, calling the chevy dealer on the way.

When we arrived home, we left the car running and emptied everything into the garage, and then Ed drove to the dealer.

The next morning they said it was ready,,,it was simply a bad battery. For all this we paid $00.00. That was the first time we ever used roadside assistance and we were quite pleased - not bad for only a small inconvenience.

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