Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lighting 101

Let's talk about lighting. If you want ambiance, you can use 3 way light bulbs, or small lamps that take a minimal size bulb, and of course, you can use candles. However, if you have people over to entertain for other than a candlelight supper, having good light available is always welcome. One of the best sources of great lighting is the halogen floor lamp; it can light an entire room. You can purchase them quite inexpensively, or you can pay a few dollars, and there are many places to shop for them.
You can purchase an inexpensive contemporary floor lamp - they are usually black and will go in any corner, or you can buy the ones with more of a decorative glass for the light to shine through. Sometimes these are not halogen, but they still give light. Then there are table lamps, or if you have a lamp with no shade, there are many choices for shades. Wal-mart and Target have a wonderful selection. Be sure to measure the height of your lamp and get a shade that is big enough, if the shade is too short or too small it will not look good (the normal tendency is to buy too small).
For the best light, get the light colored shades, off white, beige, or white. If you buy a dark shade, it should be for look and ambiance only, clearly not for reading under.
If you are short on space, a table lamp serves two purposes. I bought one recently at Wal-mart for a client (they have the best prices and their quality is the same as other place that sell the same sort of things). The table lamp was under $50.00.
Hanging lamps are not always efficient as far as lighting goes, but they can add mood and fill a purpose if you don't have table or floor space.
A chandelier is always special, and they vary in cost, shape/style and size. If you can afford one and have someone to help you hang it, it can add a great look to a room.

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