Monday, July 5, 2010

Computer Spaces

Today I want to address those of you who have your computer, i.e. office so to speak, in the kitchen, out in the open, in a corner, or on the kitchen/dining room table. Maybe you just stuck it somewhere that is totally unappealing, but convenient. Read on only if you care about how it looks.
Perhaps, you have looked around and decided that you can not fine, or do not have a spot for your work space - that would be a place where you can keep the papers and books needed to do your work - neatly stacked. I say neatly, but more importantly, CLEAN OUT THOSE STACKS, toss unread papers.
In a really tiny place, there is usually a corner somewhere that can be cleaned out (AGAIN, THE KEY TERM IS CLEANED OUT) and space made for a table and good support chair. The space you create should be appealing to the eye if it has to be seen when someone comes into the room. A nice tall plant, artificial if there is no lighting, will take the eye off an eyesore...FYI - to keep your artificial plant clean take it outside and hose it down on a hot sunny day.
A tall lamp or, with limited space, a swaged lamp with at least a 100 watt bulb, to turn on over the computer will make your work space attractive and well lighted.
If you have room and want to hide the space, you can purchase a tall screen at World Markets, formerly Cost Plus. The cost can run from $70 to 150. These screens make a nice decorative accent.
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  1. i was able to fit a small secretary desk, with a fold-down surface, in the corner of our kitchen. My laptop fits inside I can close the surface so everything looks tidy when I'm not working. The only really "cluttery" part is the printer, which does not fit on, in or under the desk. So i've put it on a small stand next to the desk... it is ugly!!! boo hoo.