Sunday, July 28, 2013


When was the last time you went to a tea party? Well, I hosted one for 28 people the other day – the proceeds are going to the wives of 5 African missionaries. After all, isn’t it the men who always get the funds?  A tea seemed the appropriate way to raise the $600 we ended up making.  $150 of that was from the sale of handmade jewelry – ‘fair-trade’ beads hand polished and painted by African women.

Do you know the difference between high tea and low tea? I assure you it is the opposite of what it sounds like. Low tea is held in the afternoon and supports all the elegant things you may think go with high tea, i.e. china tea cups, silver serving dishes and ceramic tea pots, and hopes for white gloves and wide brim hats.
The dining room table set for 6, baby carnations shared space with the ceramic tea pot

Angel fountain in living room, background sound to dining room
Entry hall where people signed in
2nd outdoor table set for 6
Outdoor table for 4, pond behind for background sound
Butlers pantry, decorated with children and sea shells
High tea is held at night and is referred to high tea because it is served off a high table! It is the last meal of the night and generally consists of a heartier fare than small decorative cakes and colored mint candies and dress is casual.

I have included a few pictures of tables – we had 2 outside decorated in red and four inside decorated in yellows, pinks, blues and white. Enjoy.

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  1. Great pictures and information. I didn't know the difference between high and low tea. Thank you! I'm glad your tea was so successful and benefitted the missionary ladies.