Saturday, June 15, 2013

Traveling Again, Still Writing

I just returned from a Flair and Dare trip. First to Los Osos (means the bears) by Moro Bay where I rearranged pictures for my sister and her husband (he is an artist) after they remodeled. They like to cover the walls with his art work. I only made changes to the living room and dining room but did not photograph the rest. See below. 
Living area
Dining Room
The next stop was to my other sister’s in Alameda. I did some minor rearrangements there. So there are only a couple of pictures. The living area is long and narrow with the kitchen at the far end.See below.

Got the plant stand at Big Lots and the new rug from Sally's for $29.00 (Yeah)
Looking from the entry. Palm from Home Depot special $20, Cool lamp from Sally's for $5.00 (Yea!)

Looking from the kitchen toward the entry. Throw pillose on sofa from Sally's.
I took my writing with me to do some editing and to my surprise (though I should know better than to be surprised) my allegorical fantasy needed lots of reworking. I really like writing this stuff, it is fun. I have not completed the story yet, and have no idea when it will be done.

I also took my Crystal Pines Trilogy with me. I combined the published work of Morningside (#1 in the trilogy, published separately) with the middle story, Winter’s Inn, which was never completed and Crystal Pines, published first but is last in the trilogy. I am enjoying this project because since publication of Crystal Pines, I have wanted to make a lot of changes – true editing was never done.
The reason I am completing the trilogy is that a publisher called me and wanted to do a second edition of Crystal Pines, but I did not feel that it was worthy of one. This inspired me to make the changes necessary and complete the entire work. Don’t know when it will be finished, as it stands now it is over 550 words on 8 ½ by 11 paper with 1 inch margin.
I sent my Gifts for the Road story, about Jesus, Joseph & Mary’s travels to Egypt, out to another publisher but have heard nothing. I am going to send it to several all at one time. God Willing, it may someday get published –I don’t plan on self-publishing. That is it for now.

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