Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Update, New photos, new decorating

My beautiful red camilias match the red furniture in the family room
It has been awhile since I entered anything new here, my apologies. I went through a bit of writers block, but have recovered sufficiently. First, though, I took to redecorating our living room, well not really redecorating, but rearranging. I went through the house and gathered pictures and tables that I was tired of seeing in other rooms and switched them out. Also, I have included a picture of the beautiful camellias from the garden, since the roses are not in bloom yet. 

THe entry - this picture was in my Bible study Room and the stand was in the dining room

A combination of the elite and the salvage, Figurine is Armini,  the fern is from Safeway, an the blak pot is from the thrift store. THe table wads in some corner, and it is neat beause under the glass are tiny elephants and Japanese goodies.

My Yardrow elephant with my $5.00 bouquet of red roses from Wal-Mart. The coffee table is an end table that stands tall and makes a fine coffee table between the love seat and sofa.

The mirror was too heavy to move, it was over the stand in the entry. The tea cart was in a corner and it fit just right between two dining room chairs.

 THe table behind the loveseat was in the entry

 my office, turn your head sidewise, don't know how to fix it. Pictue in the background was in the entry.

   I went through a bit of writers block, but have recovered sufficiently. I had entered a partial story, an allegorical fantasy, but was I really stuck on an ending. I finally decided the story should just be set aside for another time.
   Finally afterthe holidays, I became inspired with a really wonderful allegorical fantasy – inspired by God. I have to give him credit, of course. And how do I know He inspires me, because during my Bible study time every morning, I always come up with ideas of what to add to the tale.  Anyway, I am having fun – what is the story about? I don’t want to give anything away, but I can say that there is a variety of characters. Some are celestial, some regular humans, and of course the bad guys.
   I have joined a critique group, Sunrise Christian writers, and the critiques’ I’ve had from the group are good, and they love my allegory. That is encouraging, so much so, that I have written daily for the first time since the summer. This will be a long novel, so I will not be putting it on the blog, like I did the short stories.
         I am still waiting to hear from Waterbrook Press, Random House’s evangelical division about my story of Jesus, Joseph and Mary’s trip to Egypt, ‘Gifts for the Road’. It has been almost a year, and there’s been not a word.  April 3, I will email the editor and give her a week to respond. If she doesn’t, I will start sending the story out. Thank you Lord, for I am rarely discouraged, just persistent.

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  1. My wife and yourself decorate alike...I call it "spacious living". By that I mean that there is just the right amount of furnishings in a room to be pleasant to the eye, but room enough to walk freely about or get down on the floor and play with the grandkids without being reminded to "watch out for this" or "watch out for that."