Thursday, July 9, 2015

Time to update

Time to Update

I once had a publisher call me directly regarding a query I sent them for Gifts for the Road. Imagine my surprise when I heard back from them after they looked at the book. They actually complimented me on the story- said I did a good job – but the problem for them was that I did not have much of a following. I supposed that to mean that I didn’t have enough activity on my blog, my website, or Facebook – much less twitter or tweet.

Well that may be a problem, but I was more interested in writing than spending time on social media. Granted I should be concerned with that but obviously I am not. After al,l it has been over a year since I wrote here. Gifts for the Road has not sold as well as I hoped but I do not write for money. The Good Lord forbid, I write because I love the endeavor and it keeps me out of trouble. This past year however, I have not devoted as much time to writing as I did since I began in 1998. I went from writing every day to every other day and then more recently several times a week.

The problem is that editing takes its toll when you do it yourself along with proofing. It becomes tiresome to the point that you just don’t want to look at the same book again. There is only one option for me to overcome that, and that is to work on more than one book at a time – and I do. I have just completed my 4th book out of the other 3 published ones I have about 8 more in my drawer that are partially finished. See next entry to discuss the latest new book that is ready for a publisher.

Good news – I have a new office and desk to start on an old book.

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