Saturday, July 18, 2015

And the Title is ????

And the title is????

My fourth book is finally ready to go to the publisher, I just have to find one. In my last blog I said I did not write for money but that I love writing fiction because of the challenge. The truth is I would not mind making a few dollars, but I have been discouraged with my own marketing efforts. As persistent as I am in writing a book, the persistence in marketing the published work wanes after rejections come -  one ‘no’ thanks after another. I don’t know why this should bother me after submitting hundreds of queries and receiving just as many no’s. After the effort of putting the book together – hours of editing, rewriting and proofing over and over again – it is difficult to realize that as many publishers that rejected it the same amount of possible booksellers do also. Blab, blab. I know I’m whining.

Nevertheless, I am excited about this 4th book which I started in 1999. I have a friend with a technical background who is proofing it – and the title is????. She is doing it in exchange for some home decorating advice that she asked me to give her, i.e. my decorating business, Flair & Dare. I am excited about having a professional make sure there are no errors.

Before I give the title, I will tell you that there is a thread of salvation running through it, and the story takes place starting in Northern California and ends in Southern California. It takes place during the 1930’s. The reason it has taken me so long to finish it is because initially the setting was in 1798 England, but several years after moving from Sothern Ca to Sacramento, I changed the story to 1930’s California. I thought it good to write about what I knew best – the great state of California.

This new book is a Christian love story that some might consider a ‘chick’ book, but it is not totally. So what is the title????. When I find a publisher, I will post it here, maybe sooner. Maybe I’ll add a few more hints as to what it is about. Thank you for following my blog.

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