Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just starting

I have renamed this blog and hope to replace it with my website, which is outdated. Currently I am working on my latest book, Gifts for the Road. It is approximately 91,000 words and I have been editing it and proofing it for the last month. I want it to be perfect when I send it out.
It was at one time with an agency, but I was not happy with their progress so I took it back. Since then I have rewritten the beginning and made it more exciting.
Oh! And did you wish to know what it is about- here is a snippet:

Ordered by God to flee from Bethlehem, Mary, Joseph, and fifteen-month old baby Jesus leave town in the dark of the night. They know King Herod has sent his soldiers to kill the baby, but they are unaware they’re being followed by two bungling thieves who are after Joseph for the money from the magi. One thief must choose his destiny—to find salvation or return to his life of crime.

Is it Baby Jesus or an Angel of the Lord who saves the travelers from a lion in one of the caves where they spend the night — helps them escape the soldiers through an underground tunnel leading away from Beersheba into the desert — delivers them from archers and an angry mob of Egyptian priests — saves them from a falling boulder?
Mary’s maidservant and Joseph’s carpenter helper traveling with them must decide whether to marry in Egypt or wait until they return to Bethlehem, all the while being careful not to let their lover for each other overstep the bounds of proprietary. Meet the families that host Joseph and his troupe as they journey from Israel to Asyut and back, via Alexandria, Egypt. Feel the excitement when a wealthy Roman citizen offers safe passage on a Roman cargo ship back to Israel? See the pastoral home where Mary, awaiting the birth of her second child and Joseph gather with family and friends. Inspect Joseph’s carpenter shop as he rebuilds his carpenter business and Jesus prepares to attend the synagogue school.

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