Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Desert Spice, Part 12 of 17

     “These things will never hold. What a stupid plan. Can’t you come up with anything better?” 
     “Why don’t you shut up and hold on!” Without another word, angry about his ugly attitude, she pulled on both straps of her board.
     At first it was slow, but then all of a sudden he shot out of the sand hole and landed face down on his board. “Good work, Alexi. Sorry I was so unbelieving. Thank you.” He stood up and shook off the sand. “Now let’s get going again and pray we don’t find another abyss.”
     Alexi felt a moment of peace when she saw a fresh loaf of bread and a jug of water waiting for them at the place the man on the white horse told them about. “You know, Brandon, I hate to complain---.”
     “No you don’t, you like to. Had you been in the Navy as I was, you would know what a fruitless pursuit it is to whine and grumble about circumstances you cannot change.”
     “That may be, nevertheless I wish I could take a bath and have some fresh fruit or something, and a bed. Oh, my God, wouldn’t that be wonderful!”
     “Oh stop it, you’re making me sick. I was just getting used to this place and was even happy to see fresh bread and water. Now just be quiet and make ----.”
     “All you need do is ask,” said the stranger sitting tall on his magnificent mount.
     “Really,” smiled Alexi, “then I’ll ask. Is there any chance I can have a bath, and some fruit and a soft place to lay my head? Please.”
     “I will see to it,” the man replied and then disappeared.
     Alexi and Brandon stared out into the sterile desert amazed at what began to happen. Suddenly they were surrounded by palm trees. In the background they heard water splashing.
     “It’s beautiful,” she said then turned and looked behind her, “Look Brandon, there’s a water fall. It’s as if God answered my prayer.”
     “Indeed!” Brandon said, “And these wonderful trees bear dates and coconuts. Why don’t you refresh yourself in the water fall, while I do something about getting a coconut and some dates?”
     After Alexi bathed, Brandon took his turn and joined her by the loaf of bread sitting next to an open coconut and a leaf filled with dates. “This is glorious, Brandon, thank you for getting the food. I I waited before taking a drink of the coconut milk until you finished bathing. Since you did all the work getting it, I offer you the first drink.” She held out the coconut in her hands for him to drink from.
     “Thank you, I do feel better and appreciate you waiting for me.” He smiled at her and drank deeply from the coconut. “This milk has a hint of cinnamon, it is delicious.
     They ate without conversation and sleep soon came over them—induced by the coconut milk.

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